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How can digital marketing help grow my holistic medicine practice?

Digital marketing can help you reach more patients by exposing more people to your treatment offerings. With a combination of social media advertising, pay-per-click advertising, web funnels, social media content, and more, you can build a digital presence that is discoverable and profitable.

Does JSP Digital Solutions know how holistic medicine works?

Yes! Jenny Piper, the founder of JSP Digital Solutions, has a background in medicine and pharmacy. She spent over a decade as a hospital pharmacist working on IV chemotherapy compounding. We understand the ins and outs of holistic medicine and the best way to market your practice.

How do you help holistic medicine doctors improve their digital presence?

We help doctors improve their online presence by developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes a variety of tactics and techniques. This may include creating social media ads, optimizing your website, creating organic social media content, and running targeted PPC campaigns. Our team specializes in helping holistic medicine practices, so we know what works, and what doesn’t.

How does JSP Digital Solutions measure success?

We measure the success of our digital marketing efforts for our holistic doctor clients by tracking a number of key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs include website traffic, leads generated, and more. Ultimately, our goal is to help you grow your holistic medicine practice and make it more profitable.

What digital marketing services do you offer?

JSP Digital Solutions offers several digital marketing services, including custom ads creation, ad campaign manager, AI automated messaging, social media management, website creation, and more! Check out our Services page on our website to learn more.

Why should I choose JSP Digital Solutions?

JSP Digital Solutions specializes in helping holistic medicine practices grow their web traffic, get more leads, and schedule appointments. If you are a holistic medicine doctor, then there are lots of digital marketing agencies to choose from, but JSP Digital Solutions is one of the few that specializes in your industry.


JSP Digital brings NEW and FRESH ideas to the table. They are consummate professionals yet easy going. Can be easily reached and respond quickly to questions and concerns. I give them the highest recommendations.

Juliana Stewart

Jenny’s team at JSP Digital has provided us with advice and leadership assisting our practice with marketing strategies that have helped our practice grow. The team's help and guidance is well worth the cost. I highly recommend them!

Juliana Stewart

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